-He was so afraid that you away from me to know my truth! That you huyeras aghast by what they had done-. – And why was going to do that? I haven’t done so will leave you?-said you. -Already told you that all the girls I met in Ibiza were fleeing frightened by my nightmares. I imagined that if nightmares could separate them, the more my story would do. You were the only one who offered me his embrace to comfort me. Thanks to you, I managed that with time almost disappeared. However, he feared that this truth was too big for you-.

-That truth Alex? I had an accident? Who not has, in his life, something that embarrasses him or scares him? I do not know anyone-. And he added:- and I don’t think, really, that you should be ashamed. If course, blamed, understand why, especially for having driven drunk. But many people believe that they can dominate their impulses even if your brain is obnubilado by alcohol. I’m not justifying. At all.

It was bad. And that Yes, has no change, simply I am trying to understand that you did not on purpose. That you not uploaded to the car thinking that you could run over someone. You even thought that you could have collided, and have been you who lost his life. You simply not thought because alcohol not allowed you. And I again repeat that I am not justifying what happened. I’m just trying to understand it and above all that you understand it. An accident is just that, Alex. An accident. Something that it occurs without one propose it. Do not looked run down the man, really? Simply it happened – he said sweetly. -Played with your words and your lips, everything seems so simple, that I regret not having what you said before. I would have found consolation for a long time.