To turn, all poor action or incomplete failure in any of the stages of the cycle (a scheme of the cycle and simple examples can find the reader on the website of the author whose address is at the end). A student told me it was agreed from my class about this topic because his lady (customer) had him said at 7: 30 in the morning before you get out let know me when to leave the shower to lift me. At 9: 00 (one hour and a half later), out of the shower, tells his mistress because I left love, get up. The indignant Lady claimed you you das account that are the 9 in the morning? It’s time to that go to work, how you think to notify me so late. Now get behind!.I did what you asked me, I warned when exiting. I met the standards of teacher satisfaction, told me.

In fact he failed them. He knew that she was working, was within the context of obviousness that came out of the shower in a reasonable time as to not delay her mistress. It is very beneficial to look at when we are customers and when providers. It is often the customer us losing. There are people whose sole client is itself. These people say that they don’t listen, they only think about if same. Sometimes we have too high standards.

We are not satisfied with what we do or with what others do. If we are heads in the company or family heads or leaders of groups this cause problems to people. They will tell us that we are demanding and it is worthwhile to assess if we’re being customers ourselves and looking only our own standards of evaluation and satisfaction. The self-imposition of conditions of satisfaction is a symptom that we don’t see as customers rather than ourselves.