The whole game starts again from the beginning. Possibly with a symptom: envy. due to the observation of this need people acquired. If but sapiens the gratification the homo, then the lack of sensation in euphoria passes; most of the time with a side effect of “Boasting” that for example depends on the degree of difficulty of the satisfaction of needs. Hear other arguments on the topic with Charles Koch. The boast is fading also dwindling “euphoria levels” until the two derivative sensations in habituation (with possible bounces on boasting / euphoria; memories) go over. At this point, completes the processing of the need and can be repeated with a new demand from the priority list.

Unless you leave the new IPhone (for example) in the railway lie and never gets it in their hands. In this case, abstinence occurs (the waiving of a previously contented need), which ends in frustration – with a transition in the next period of gratification. Life satisfaction or in extreme cases: lead, – a kind of asceticism – only a corresponding not normal Homo sapiens occurs. Periodic needs subsistence, culture and luxury needs are periodic in nature. Need occurs more often for food or water, as a need for new phone, a car, or even for any luxury goods.

From this, I can conclude that the needs of existence of must have the greatest frequency in contrast to cultural or luxury needs. f > f K > f L or t > t K > t L the greater the frequency, so the appearance of a homogeneous need, the stronger is the habituation and the weaker the euphoria after the satisfaction of needs. If I extend the time between meals so that. should I accept a slightly higher “happiness hormone” for me. If I miss the holiday this year, I should be happy even more on the next holiday (in the following year). I call this “interval time” between the needs of similar horizontal need time difference and the frequency as a horizontal frequency of need. The frequency requires however that the time differences are equal. Note this need model is a part of the cognitive-based universal synthesis and is extended with new discoveries and improved, because a model must not falsify, you improve with new ideas and insights!