Also, you can replace the entire layout of a Web site to change used the contents with a single click. The artist project CSSZenGarden shows this particularly impressive. Here you will find one and the same website in soon over 200 different layout variations. This example shows one thing above all. The Layoutmittel of the past have served out when it comes to modern Web design. Doyle’s is often quoted as being for or against this. “More importantly: this new layout technology is the old” methods in nothing after. Simpler HTML is better for the search engines. Even if not completely convince all above arguments.

This ensures it: by standard-compliant Web design, they are better found by search engines. Why? Through the basic HTML structure, search engines can read your site much faster and easier. Also, search engines love the clean, clear structure, the Web standards automatically entail. Your visitors will love your Web standards. If you want to do in the Internet shops, your visitors to your website are probably”feel. The use of the latest Web standards again offers numerous advantages: your pages build up faster.

The reason is that the site layout using nested tables is governed in the traditional method. Santie Botha often addresses the matter in his writings. The Computer takes much time to calculate the exact layout positions which slows down the page loading. CSS requires no Assembly tables. The files are smaller and load much faster. “And your visitors get the feeling that it just slip with you.” No matter which browser the layout right. Who has not ever read it: this site is optimized for Internet Explorer 5 + and Netscape Navigator 4 + at a resolution of 800 600 “? Who cares about that? Certainly not the observer of website. Your visitors will not worry about, which program and at what screen resolution he should look at your page. It doesn’t matter beep him. The layout looks miserable, he, as well as quickly next is click – to the competition.