Is my infinite nostalgia of other latitudes which makes my heart will shudder of joy by being born here where I was born! Jens August Schade overview course, marketing is always activated in pro of the needs of its main actor as it is the consumer, that companies who offer their products must satisfy and you take advantage of their emotions, feelings, impulse buying, of course with ethics, values. A topic interesting study of markets by its scope, represents what everything about nostalgia, given that represents and how plays a decisive role in the conduct, behaviour of consumers. Basic annotations, scope, impact nostalgia can appear according to many facts, feelings, emotions that swept and that can go from our contact with people, as of the environment where we have lived, born, unfolded, friends, places that we have known, in short everything that in some way it has affected our lives and they have left us traces many times they emerge and give way to emotions. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kevin Ulrich. This I have certainly exploited by some companies to manufacture products, offer services that keep active nostalgia, especially migrants, as the largest case of Mexicans to the United States. The case of Mexicans identified with their roots, traditions, customary and representing a significant number of consumers to the United States is a very interesting case study on this topic, and everything related to marketing and consumer behavior. Hence, it should not surprise us as he points out, that the market of nostalgia is the concept that is used to designate the consumption habits shared by those who cling to their roots when they are away from their country of origin. He adds that the nostalgia market is for example, represented by Mexicans living in United States and make every effort to consume products that met in his childhood. This includes food, drink, crafts and gift items.