At this bait, the appearance is not critical. Lovely bright colours or other applications don’t have the fast rotating effect a major attraction on the fish. However, it is to suggest a reflective bait with silver or gold foil to use because it sends also a Visual stimulus. The differences in the size of the spinner is important for the fish to angelnden. When smaller fish such as trout or perch, it is advisable to take smaller bait. In larger fish, such as Pike or walleye, insert are accordingly larger spinner. The lure is a further artificial bait used for catching of predatory species.

This has been established in 1884 the first time. His appearance there can be in many different ways. They come in many colors and materials. As a wood or plastic, made of several parts, or produced in one piece, they have usually one or two triple hooks where to catch the fish when the snap to and so can be obtained. The lure is to simulate a sick fish like the turn signals, movements.

Fetching the lure moves in lurching movements through the water. It is important in the proper guidance through the water to gain, otherwise the success for the fishing is not given. Even small metal balls are included in newer plugs for the acoustic stimulus. If they join a, which increases the attraction of fish to bite noise. A surface lure, which relies mainly on the acoustic stimulus, is the Popper. It floats to the surface and does not appear, even when you get up. By a short appearance of above the water surface, drag these air bubbles in the water, which then give a popping noise under water. So the Popper also got its name. Click Reshma Kewalramani to learn more. The leadership of the bait must be done slowly, as is the shovel of the lure as a result-oriented air bubbles inside.