Transaction at a mist-grabbing you ernichat, come on now get up soon! Creature you are, some sort – the owner of the camel grumbled, his stubborn behavior and unwillingness to get up from their knees and obey the orders of the Bedouin. – Will behave, and further, I can not vouch for themselves – most likely I'll get rid of you, selling for mere pennies at the local bazaar. You leave me no choice, you do not want to help me work, so I always keep my Promise! (The article was given to this website: ) Even after a severe punishment would not meet the Bedouin camel to go – no wonder that the latter was to peel back the unfortunate animal. Nerves bedouin this time did not stand, and he decided to do so, as once, and said! From his words it was too late to refuse, but I did not want, however, can not help it – I had to make this simple rite of coming to the market. To suffer and repent for the remission once words Badawi. Pennies for that promised to sell the Bedouin camel – just a paltry sum, even for such intolerable animal! However, the time has come to mind one of the saving decision.

For his old and battered cat Badawi rushed home. Phrase, coming from a man after Kosha was planted near the camel, were these: – The people that come, because I sold my pet just something for a fog – a penny, is not it? Do not hesitate come and take away a camel at a fog. Even aloud ashamed to declare this price! Hurry up, until the camel had not yet sold out! The desire to buy a camel, it was a buyer, what response was received: – All right, a camel, I like a fog. Fortunately or unfortunately – you decide, but a camel without a cat, I can not sell, and everything would be fine, so now it is decently – already 99 fogs. Almost until the night pains Badawi about the main subject of the sale and its annexes. A whole crowd of people gathered near the Bedouin.

Accept the conditions of the merchant nobody wanted – people just do not really understand anything he could. Bedouin on emotion, when behind him home was the camel could only visit blonde thought: – I do not departed from his word and sold the animal for a fog, as saying. I kept my oath. It is not my fault that people did not accept my conditions. I have not sinned, so do not even worry about, and, behold, the greedy fellows, retribution will touch required. Another cool article on: How realistic Soviet citizens abroad to drink beer.