After so many years with Governments which used the forces to impose and not govern on its peoples, that at the end of the wretched mandates, they had to return to democratic systems, where all ideas have a place. We humans are very different between us as individuals and although all have the same problems and the same needs, act in different ways to solve them. This may be the most valuable race human, that it is diverse and culturally very rich. In every corner of the world, the human being has been developing intellectually differently and this has meant that there are some very interesting and varied cultures anywhere in the world. Those cultures have to go closer together (many wars are produced, by cultural radicalism) and leave them in a lower area of the pyramid, so that the physical and mental needs of their peoples, which is the priority of a being alive, are covered in as much as possible.

When this reality, the world will be more human, happier and far more livable than it is today. Your people will be devoted to live, which is the priority of all living beings and not on useless wars, they only bring desolation and misery. That finally, after, for that they have served all these wars, which over the centuries have been made to suffer so many generations. If one does a little serious analysis of the issue, all countries that, for some reason, whatever it is (by conquests, for nationalisms, religions etc, etc), they have had wars, they are at the same height and with the same problems, that those who have not. That brings us to think that wars do not serve to solve the problems of the people and once they finish, it is all chipping and the problems of the vast majority of its people are still patent. Only a few benefit, which almost always tend to be those who never have difficulties in their lives, they tend to have all their needs well covered and their problems are summarized, namely whether they have lost or won some that another 1 million euros.