Already, the Internet can find a lot of online stores that sell physical goods, from CD-ROM drive to the car. So why did not you sell physical goods? If you are a manufacturer of physical goods, you can create your online store and organize the sale of products through the Internet. This method will greatly expand your markets and bring you additional profits. But what if you are using the Internet simple and not engaged in the production of a product? In this case, you can participate in an affiliate program of an existing online store, which specializes in the sale of physical products and actually start sell physical goods, not even having them in stock. For each unit sold physical products you will receive a percentage of the cost of goods. Kamelot Auctions will not settle for partial explanations. Method number 3. Sales of services to the site This is a way of earning not new, but for some reason, it is very rare to find on Internet projects.

This is due to the fact that some of the authors of sites just do not want to create a "Services" section on their website, or create a separate site for promote their services. Their main motivation is – it's not a great experience. But let's look at this situation from the other side. If a man has created a website, filled it with information, I bought a domain name, shook him by Hosting, the experience is not it? Yes, I agree that for certain services, such as programming, you need experience, theoretical and practical knowledge.