The CCRA may no longer refuse the tax deduction, because the domestic work room is not the center of the whole company or professional activity of the taxpayer. However, the workers must prove that the work completed in the work room was no other work available. Who works voluntarily at home, although he could have used his desk in the Office, can claim as costs for this. The domestic study of a taxable person is the focal point of his entire professional or occupational activity, however, then the cost of the study may be brought remains completely when filling out the tax forms to deduct. Therefore, the assessment of workers in the field remains difficult. They must demonstrate where substantive focus their work, to use off the work room. This proof does not work, you can deduct only a part of the costs up to the maximum of 1,250 EUR in the year.

Among the tax-deductible costs of a work room Furnishings, the prorated rent as well as all applicable insurance and heating costs. All those workers, who can use an Office job in their operation or may benefit from the changed legal situation and thus their pre-and post-upgrade paperwork to take home. Executives at restaurants and retail, teachers, judges and Pastor includes about teachers, speakers, field, sales staff, hospital doctors. “Applies the new rules retroactively for all outstanding cases since 2007 prerequisite, however, is that opposition was filed against the decisions or in the point domestic work rooms” were issued for the time being! Part 2: Saver standard amount, contractor costs, loss detection saver standard amount in the tax starting in 2011 the reporting requirements be extended by banks on securities transactions to the financial authorities. About your tax identification number the data forwarded by the Bank directly to the tax authorities. AB 2012 banks then forward the information about the customers, who pay no taxes on investment income due to a non-assessment certificate.