It also provides executives a comprehensive framework that translates the vision and strategy of a company, in a coherent set of performance indicators. Many companies have adopted mission statements, to communicate values and fundamental beliefs to all employees; mission statement is fundamental beliefs and identify target markets and core products that help to flourish the macroeconomic imbalance that small and medium-sized enterprises are faced. An important element of this process, has been in the business (perfomance) performance measurement and the balanced scorecard box, comes to integrate within a holistic view of the business in multiple dimensions (called perspectives), the set of indicators that had been handling separately under the partial visions that the managerial paradigm gave us. A fundamental contribution of the methodology, is that those indicators makes no sense if they are not measuring the achievement of the strategy, i.e., the achievement of the strategic objectives of the business. These dimensions allow you to see the business in four perspectives. The perspective of learning and growth focuses on the foundations of the current and future business success: people, technology and information, they enabled the Organization to better achievements in the perspective of internal processes of the business, which places emphasis on the performance of the key processes that motorized business as core components of its value chain. The third perspective lies in the perception of customers on the contribution that the company gives them as proposal value and finally the financial perspective expressed results that meet the expectations of the shareholders of the business.

Management should be very careful of the advantages that are derived by applying the balanced scorecard box and consider, that: the balanced scorecard box, is something more than a new measuring system. Read additional details here: Steve Wozniak. Innovative companies use the box’s scorecard as a framework and central organisational structure for its processes. Companies can develop an initial scorecard, with fairly limited objectives box: get, clarify, get consensus and focus on its strategy, and then communicate that strategy to the entire organization.