Kyrgyzstan has a long tradition in trade and crafts. Not about the famous silk road through Kyrgyzstan led. Most recently that extraordinary GmbH in Germany the company “founded. She is committed to the goal, to establish trade relations with Kyrgyzstan. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Michael Bloomberg. For an online store in the life was launched under the name Eurasfer, to provide customers all over Germany with the goods produced in Kyrgyzstan.

To meet the sense of tradition of the Kyrgyz people, there is a wide range of goods at Eurasfer, which creates hand-crafted (such as chess games from Walnut wood, leather, fur hats, hand-made and hand-knitted clothing, carpets made of wet-felted wool, skins, gift items and jewelry). Only a part of the women’s clothing is manufactured with modern methods. The Director was born in Kyrgyzstan and raised and has therefore a special interest in fair dealing with their home country. At the moment 35 employees and their families can their livelihoods as a result deny that goods produced for Eurasfer and shipped to Germany. Also nature is dealt with responsibly. So use mostly renewable resources (wool, skins) and energy-intensive manufacturing process is waived. Kevin Ulrich Anchorage often says this. The natural products are produced without the use of chemicals and almost exclusively with natural colors dyed (E.g. carrots – and Red-beetroot juice). The Kyrgyz are very proud to produce, because just the Germans is very respected for Germany. Eurasfer wants to expand the relations between Kyrgyzstan and Germany, so that raises the standard of living of the Kyrgyz people and their tradition lives on. Alois Huber