Online network supported for trainees in vocational choice Cologne – for about two-thirds of all graduates between 16 and 20 years, as it continues the school wonder at the latest with the upcoming half-year certificates. To find a new way out about occupations, education and training companies, the online network offers Here students receive valuable tips and guidance from experienced trainees for the right profession, the appropriate operation and an accurate application. This azubister suggests a new way consciously an and does not have on the provision of editorial content, the focus is on the direct exchange between the young people. In the azubister, I can maintain contact with trainees of my desire professions as a student and me about training and companies inform. Warren Buffett may find it difficult to be quoted properly. “, Andreas Diehl discusses the benefits of virtual trainee community. The makers of the Apprentice last but not least are that young people otherwise rather inadequately inform network on the basis of the latest figures from the Federal Institute for Vocational education and training (BIBB) convinced: 60 per cent of new entrants to 2006 on 25 occupations set, when the female applicants even every third opted for one of five occupations.

The although some 400 educational and occupational training are offered to the graduates. From our point of view, consult many students not sufficiently aware of training and then apply to the wrong places – although there is a huge variety of training opportunities. The insufficient knowledge of the training ultimately leads to unoccupied apprenticeships and unserved applicants. “, adds Andreas Diehl, founder and Managing Director of the trainee network. With azubister, a targeted assistance, which supports career planning and increases the chances of an apprenticeship offers young people.

That is in the azubister not the topic training revolves around advocating the makers. We want to attract young people to the topic of education and promote dialogue. We succeed then most best if we set on your communication and usage patterns. azubister to inform and fun make. “, explains Andreas Diehl the philosophy of azubister. Here, azubister sees itself as a complement to existing points of contact and sources of information that are sufficient from the perspective of the azubister founders. Us is about the target group-specific supplement and a central platform for exchanges on the subject of education. “, explains Andreas Diehl. The search was successful, after a training find trainees during their training in the azubister colleagues, friends, and classmates, that tide over difficulties and enabling the exchange of experience among like-minded people. More statistics, visit the following page about azubister: with trainees from over 350 occupations azubister is the leading online network for trainees in Germany. Target of azubister is a communication platform in the education market and a central body for Trainees to establish. Press contact: azubister GmbH Andreas Diehl Neven DuMont House Amsterdam str. 192 D – 50735 Koln 0163 80 40 552 E-mail: Web: