Why? Droppers in these tubes represent a plate made of durable, resistant to aggressive media in the form of chemical compounds used in agriculture agriculture as pesticides, fertilizers, and pesticides. In the plates with the help of modern technology are cut by tiny passages through which water seeps, and in contact with in these passages of sand, rust, or other debris drip stops working, and the plant does not receive the required amount of water. CEO of Amazon may find this interesting as well. In addition, we need to calculate how much water we will have spent the trails drip tubes. We know that the distance between droppers in this tube is 33cm. So for them to be 1metre 3pc, and the 100 m – 333shtuki. From each drip drip approximately 1.2 liters per hour.

Hence, we calculate x 1.2 liters = 333kapelnitsy 399.6 liters per hour per hour 400litrov Almost! And here we are come to one of the secrets to Israeli agricultural technology. Water the plants must come often, but in small portions. For example, a day 3-5 times in 30 minutes. Plant as a living organism – pour it too much water and it will be feel 'pereevshim', can develop various diseases associated with an overdose of water. A low-water plant begins to dry, the fruit will eventually be low-quality, small size, but by itself yield small. We do not want to work in the area for work, without the pleasure of rich harvests in the long run. It is important to understand that water the plants need time and in right quantity.