The concept of the policy outside of the Federation of Russia approved by President Dmitri Medvedev induces US to do so. Ruso-latinoamericana economic and trade cooperation will develop with an accelerated pace (from 25 to 30% annually). In a question-answer forum GM CEO was the first to reply. This year we hope that the commercial circulation reaches record level: 15 billion USD. We aspire to strengthen commercial and economic ties including cooperation in investment. We intend to make emphasis in Russia’s high-tech exports, the consolidation of collaboration in the field of energy, extraction and transportation of oil and natural gas, machine building, metallurgy, the transport sector, the harnessing of nuclear energy peaceful and spatial explorations. Points out, Russia and Latin American States are natural allies in the formation of a new world order more secure and fair, the solution of the key problems from the current time on the basis of attachment common rules and basic principles of international law, consolidation of the multilateral mechanisms of regulation of international relations and the increase in the central role of the United Nations in world affairs.

It approaches the rejection of attempts to impose unilateral approaches, the willingness to respect, not in Word but in fact, the interests of the partners, strictly observe the principle of the waves in the internal affairs of sovereign States, the choice in favour of the settlement groups based on the negotiations of the crises and conflicts. Adds, that gradually recover the best traditions of the ruso-latinoamericana cultural and humanitarian cooperation. The recent celebration in seven countries (Cuba, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay) in the days of Russia that included weeks of cinema, photographic exhibitions and concerts of the choir of the monastery of la Candelaria is a clear testimony of this. The increase of the mutually beneficial ties with the countries of Latin America rests on the contractual legal basis that of continually renewed.