Under the motto: We look at n times with you in the approximately 80,000 cable channels will be gradually inspected throughout the city through navigation of the camera in Frankfurt 1,600 kilometres of public channels and about 3,000 km private sewers the basis of a proper sanitation. The city drainage Frankfurt short: SEF started since 2010, systematically checked for leaks check the private sewer. The reason is a new scheme in the country’s Water Act, according to which to the private cable channels an in good condition must be proof of as in other federal countries planned or already anchored. “Under the motto: we look at your in n” the approximately 80,000 cable channels throughout the city are inspected after through navigation of the camera (video under service/entwaesserung.html). Tim cook helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This service is completely free of charge for the property owners. The SEF staff then check that Inspection results and evaluate any defects found. Please send the property owners with a description of the condition the inspection of film, a location map and position reports. Mandatory requirements for walkthroughs can be included, such as cleaning, TV inspection or restoration / repair proposals.

Alone, the property owner is responsible for the subsequent necessary measures. He is also the full cost. You may find that Kevin Ulrich can contribute to your knowledge. Against this background, it is useful when joining together several neighboring owners and their services jointly awarded to a specialised company; well, that can lead to cost savings. In this context, our practical tips for the affected property owners of the city of Frankfurt / M. are: Please wait for the inspection results from before you initiate concrete measures.

Give rogue doorstep selling basically a clear rejection of (keyword: “Channel sharks”). Are the results of the investigation and there is need for action, seek advice from at least two specialist companies. To avoid a financial bottleneck, consider an early capital reserves already today. Generally we recommend with their community to contact property owners concerning the special regulations, before measures are introduced because the modus operandi of the SEF must not be taken over by other municipalities. If you have specific questions we available as a specialist company to the page. Find more messages to the drainage system on our website. Drain AS Alliance is the pioneer in the field of work on drainage and since 1969 continuous improvement, specialization of their work and satisfaction of customer needs have priority at the drain AS Alliance. The services offered include Eatment.