Accidents with hazardous liquids, speed is Trump In the daily work of dealing with dangerous liquids is a normal activity in many sectors. Despite careful work, accidents are never completely to exclude. In such cases quickly and specifically to reduce the damage, the transport and storage specialist Cain from Weinstadt of emergency kits to combat quick offers. The units packed in different compositions contain all essential components for the incident: gloves for self-protection, liquid binding cloths, pillows or thin booms, wipes and last but not least, resistant disposal bags (…). Graduated in four sizes the “rapid reaction force” ranging from the small emergency kit (31 x 32 x 16 cm) the average set in a bag (50 x 50 x 25 cm) to the Notfalltrolley (80 x 60 x 53 cm) and the “Universal” emergency box (129 x 60 x 54 cm). Accidents involving dangerous substances are already bad to use enough, but then no emergency or the wrong, be added quickly yet significant avoidable costs. The wine town rely on highly efficient and compact Binder for water-soluble and -insoluble (oil-based) substances. This saves significant disposal costs for unchanged very good damage control.

The hydrophobic (water repellent) oil Binder polypropylene sucks oil from water surfaces, universal during the suction cloths”besides oil also acids, alkalis, water solutes can record. In the form of towels, pillows, rugs or meandering, they are suitable for damming, delimit and trap off the beaten substances. Therefore the different combinations are in the respective set binders application-specific maps accommodated to ensure maximum effectiveness in the event of an emergency. The size of the emergency depends on the scope and accessibility, because the factor time is one of the most important parameters in an accident..