“The overindebtedness of private households is long no social edge problem anymore,” says Claudia short book, Managing Director of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft debt counselling. “Not just low-income or single parents are affected.” 3.1 million households already stuck in this vicious circle, a study of the Ministry of the family. This resulting in alarming numbers. More than six million people and about two million children were in debt at the time of the statistics. Not only the Americans, a people of credit cards-fans but also many of the German a life on credit on pump. The sum of all consumer loans at the time this text was written amounted to just over 200 billion. Many people meet themselves wish to be able to live with the overspending in the repayment of the credit without. It is easy to determine which should serve for the rates of credit failed to make a cash to the disposable income.

The credit cash freely disposable income is calculated by a simple calculation. The monthly net income is as a starting amount taken. Here are all fixed costs such as rent, costs, electricity, Heating, food, insurance amounts, etc. Source: Karen Fang. deducted. Because the variable costs such as gasoline or smaller recreational expenses are not included yet half can be operated by the now-remaining amount maximum the next loan repayment.

Keep enough financial margin for unplanned expenses. Lead a household book even if it is a rather tedious work honestly to keep a budget book, there are more user-friendly software for PC and Mac, such as for example the Wiso household book”of TV channel ZDF, which gives an extensive overview of inputs and outputs. Precondition is that this book or the software is well maintained and each issue is meticulously typed. Who here corners can save directly the work. A household book can help to improve the financial position. This savings can be in everyday uncover and eradicate or screw back. Comparisons can be where the money really disappears. Also you might want to refinance the overdraft into a loan rates because for These interest rates are lower. But only if the disposition is no longer included in claim! You should already be in a debt situation, for example, the Knights provide focal points for the free debt advice. Also urban facilities in urban areas to help. Please contact the central or at the town hall here you can give you most likely a contact person.