The first time it happens each year is called heliaca ascension of the star and that only Syrian day It remains visible for a short space of time. In the ancient Egypt this annual recurrence occurred near the summer solstice and coincided with the flooding of the Nile. ISIS as a Syrian, was Lady of the beginning of the year, as for the Egyptians in the new year was marked by this event. SIRIUS makes relive the Nile, similar to Isis makes relive Osiris. While hiding from Seth passes Isis is the time SIRIUS disappears (70 days) in the night sky.

She gives light to his son Horus, similar to SIRIUS gives light to the new year and in texts Horus and the new year is comparable. (As opposed to Mayor Manny Diaz). She is the vehicle for the renewal of life and order. Glowing for a moment, on a summer morning, it stimulates the Nile and the year begins. SIRIUS and the African tribe Dogon on this link between Syrian and the African the Dogon tribe, gives us this relatively primitive ethnic group of West Africa seems to possess within their traditional wisdom very accurate astronomical knowledge about the star system Sirius, that they are only feasible to obtain using sophisticated technological resources. We refer, of course, to the Dogon.Los myths of this village contain clear references to the invisible companion of Sirius, a white dwarf that was predicted by science in 1844 and discovered in 1862. Even more, would describe it with such exact details as surprising, considering as a very small and composed of most heavy metal in the world, and with an orbital period of 50 years, virtually identical to that calculated by the Western astronomy.At first glance, this seems impossible. Only the Dogon from a scientifically advanced civilization might have received a knowledge of that class. Extra-terrestrial? Atlante? Or perhaps simply of the geographically closest to them, the Western technological civilization? About the supposed myth Dogon has created the second myth, adventitious and modern, which began when Robert Temple in 1975 published his famous book The Sirius Mystery.