Which are the dreams? Do’s wishes losers who seek an escape from reality? Visions of what could be and you’re not? Dreams are wishes hidden in your soul that want to leave, who want to be made that they want to live with you making you happy. No one I ever teach you to be happy, no one ever told you do to be happy. Since childhood you were taught to survive, you were taught to obey. Obey what lamb guided by a shepherd. Lambs without knowledge of happiness or freedom. What is freedom? Doing what others want? Dreams outside? They say the great masters, that the world is love, love your neighbor, love of family, love of nature. Where is the self-respect? Self-love, not pride, no hate, no desire for self-improvement based on crushing others.

Does perhaps the darkness can give light? Where this the authentic love? Where were the dreams? Where happiness? We are in a new dawn. Still not learnt to dream! Us missing by learn that dreams are love for ourselves. Love internal, reflection of our soul. When will start playing on your dreams? Someday do you realize them? Let you hear voices that you guide to fulfill other dreams? Ho my God, if only put half effort in yourself that you put to please others. If so even want to see that you can be happy.

If so even you could dream with all your soul. If you could fight for your dreams. What would happen if we all learn to make our dreams come true? That wonder, that world more beautiful, that peace would have, that Green would be our planet. Original author and source of the article