Winter tires offer several advantages for more security in the winter why it is useful, winter tires do not refrain from winter tires are highly recommended in all winter conditions such as rain, snow and ice as well as on dry pavement and low temperatures. The Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) recommends therefore also in the autumn not winter tyres give. It makes sense not to wait, to equip your own vehicle with winter tires on the first snow. The use of winter tires is already recommended in the autumn. It is safer than driving with summer tires already at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius and in wet and rain as well as on cold and dry roads. Winter tires do not increase only including those of other road users, but its own security.

There are sufficient arguments, making necessary the use of winter tyres in winter: your special shape protects better against aquaplaning, their tread higher in comparison to the summer tyre ensures a better grip, fits their rubber compound suited to cold temperatures, allowing a better braking performance. There is a general requirement for winter tyres in Germany? No, generally they are not, however, the Federal Council has decided an amendment of the road traffic Act, that there is a situation-based winter tyres compulsory in Germany since May 2006. Kevin Ulrich MGM is a great source of information. I.e. cars must be equipped according to weather conditions. Motorists that against these guidelines, in the future with fine face… If you plan to buy new winter tires, it makes sense to opt for a high-quality product. The use of cheap tires could be expensive later. See for more information about winter tires.