Longer, less manage Bernd Geropp Consulting has developed a simple tool for executives, which gives regular feedback about your own working hours and the intensity of management. The Guide-check tool captures the work hours, which with the leadership and manage spends. It visualizes the results for each day and month and for the year. Department heads on enables Excel-based tool, to become more efficient managers and boards of Directors. As senior executives, mostly to deal with the operational day-to-day business are employed, many neglect their real task, namely to lead.

The consequences of this behavior are unclear strategies, only short-term goals, and unmotivated employees. The leadership-check tool captured therefore spends the hours of work which with the leadership and manage. It visualizes the results for each day and month and for the year. The Executive thus receives a regular feedback about their working time and intensity of management. The tool is freely available on the website of Bernd Geropp consulting. ic.

Many business leaders have only a vague idea of how much they actually spend time with tasks of management. Some executives engaged in less than 10% of their time management”admits Dr. Bernd Geropp. Leadership roles are important, but rarely urgent. Many executives therefore give the time pressure of urgent, but non-essential physical and administrative tasks. Move the processing of important leadership tasks again and again in the future. The Guide-check tool helps to break through this behavior. The leadership only two numbers in the tool enters at the end of each day: the hours of work for management and for damage to property and administrative tasks, so for management. With this minimal, the Managing Director, Director or head of Department can periodically check the efficiency of his work time and countermeasures if necessary. Many not striking in their daily business, they result in too little. Therefore, it is helpful if they regularly measure their own lead time and visualize. As a result, they receive daily feedback. This will help you to change their own behavior and no longer move management tasks. Bernd Geropp