You usually never see again his insurance premiums. The Berlin of company Friendsurance and betterplace change the Berlin 11.Januar 2012 – generally never seen again its insurance premiums. The Berlin of company Friendsurance and betterplace change: policyholders can network online with each other. Damage freedom get back all up to 50% of the annual membership fees. With this money, also permanently charitable projects can be supported now by Many have the pipedream: the majority of all Germans intends to donate money to charity this year. After the Christmas purchases have been made then and there is a low tide on the account, it moves this project often indefinitely. “The young Berlin of company Friendsurance and now take up this situation with an innovative idea: we enable our clients to connect with other policyholders and to get rebates permanently so damage freedom”, so Friendsurance – Managing Director and founder Tim customer.

“If more people link up, also the refunds will be bigger: so all up to 50% per year can get back, liability and household insurance from various major German insurance providers.” The money is usually paid at the end of the year to policyholders. But we go a new way with the cooperation. The customers can choose whether she prefer paid get their refund or would like to support one of the betterplace projects. “So they can do the right thing, without having to revisit in the bag”, is happy customer Tim and supplements: betterplace is the best partner: nowhere else, there is a great variety in in worthy projects with the guarantee that 100% of the donated amount will actually arrive at the projects. ” Also the founder of offers much of the cooperation. The people have a fairly simple “Decision: insurance protection, same cost, but can I a project that is dear to me, help”, so Till Behnke, founder of What particularly pleases us, is the long term projects can be supported as opposed to one time donations. For 25 or 50 euro savings on insurance contribution may not be much for the individual but for all our projects, each euro counts.