We will see world-wide stars of the soccer to the living creature. However this, for who only possesss high purchasing power therefore the ingressions will have high values. As an afterthought, it is better to follow seeing for the television, is cheaper, equal to the wage of the workers. In if treating to workmanships, them they are been slow and worse, many nor had still started and others will be similar to the celebrity ' ' puxadinho' ' , and if we see that they will not go to be ready, does not have problem, exist contracts of emergencies, is more expensive a little, but it is this parliamentarians want that them, to generate income for the constructors and also for the pocket of them, it will have to be an excellent chance for some corrupt ones. As many expenses, and still we have that to invest in security, education, combat the hunger and the misery. Many problems exist here with the Pantry in Brazil as Nicholas Gualda (I polished USP), the problems of the sector start in the interior of the city-headquarters, that do not possess adequate accesses the stadiums nor offer to the public full conditions of displacement for restaurants, hospitals and other services, moreover, have problems in the interstate transport: the highways need adjustments, the railroad mesh is inadequate and aeroviria is saturated in the main linkings of the country. Well as many sacrifices, money expense, dreams, without knowing if everything will be ready. Valley the penalty not to leave of side our problems, our yearnings to move in our budget for ' ' outros' ' , to leave of side the Brazilian people, to leave of side the lack of the social one, in exchange for the visibility, however has a solution not to pass vexame in front of the tourists: in 2012, we will have municipal elections, in 2014, federal, then everything can happen. Some will say that I am pessimistic, that I do not believe, but thus do not consider, I am speaking in reality, a country devastated for the traffic, the crime, the robberies and assaults, the social war, that is, of pra not to be transparent tranquillity in way to as many problems. We are not in physical, humanitarian conditions not even financial to receive the Pantry, is a pity.