The decision to do this kind of business as freight in Ukraine at me and my partner was the result of sorting options of starting a business from scratch. How do we find the money and started working as a topic for another conversation. I can only say that at the beginning of many problems and pitfalls in the freight market, we simply had no idea. This article was agreed to write to some extent help those who decide to do business of transportation, to lift the curtain a bit on how the market works the same transportation and briefly talk about its participants. The first challenge we face – and where his brother cargo for transport? If you pick up the Internet page, we went to a number of servers providing information on free transportation and free goods for a curious directions. In order to learn the process of traffic from the inside so to speak, as well as to find out the true fuel consumption cars, each of us departure on month by the driver.

So, who was participating freight market? Merchant – the person or company, who need to transport goods from point A to point B. The freight forwarder – a mediator between the cargo and the carrier. Freight forwarder may be as a legal entity and physical. Ideally, the freight forwarder is a person who has oversee the loading and unloading, as well as to solve problems between the shipper and consignee. In a real situation on the Ukrainian internal market of the function ends with the freight forwarder to reduce the shipper with the carrier. There are several variants of the freight market.

The first variant. Carriers operating only through freight forwarders (air traffic controllers). In this variant of the carriers relying almost entirely on the forwarders, which give them the boot and take off a percentage of his earnings. In turn, a percentage of earnings from freight forwarders and the carrier is removed from the cargo. Option Two. Y carriers have regular customers in his hometown, with whom he works directly without intermediaries. Download and move to another city, the carrier is again forced to turn to in search of managers to download not return empty. If performed containerized transportation in Ukraine payment usually made at both ends. Option Three. I have tried and tested over the years carrier customers in the cities, in which he often total hits. In this case, he rarely refers to the dispatchers about the search for goods and works directly with cargo owners. Our motor company consistently passes all three phases of work. Necessary take into account the fact that part of the cargo has its own trucks and uses the services of third-party carriers is extremely redko.Takzhe should be added that the crisis in Ukraine has not bypassed and carriers. Especially suffered by those who traffic in the dollar loan. Against the background of stopping production at the present time, the situation in the transport market simply deplorable.