Comprehensive insurance policy for vehicles (Casco) can resolve difficulties and to reimburse the owner of the vehicle damage, resulting in the investigation: Theft of a car; the loss the insured vehicle resulting from an incident on the road, illegal acts of unauthorized persons, natural disaster, etc., theft or damage to any equipment, car insurance. Guarantee insurance company is limited to the amount of insurance, which is determined based on the actual value of the car with light wear. The sum insured is the limit of payment for the ultimate death, as well as the loss vehicle as a result of theft, robbery, robbery. For loss caused by a car, there is a limit amount of insurance payments for any occasion insurance. With comprehensive insurance is the aggregate amount of insurance and neagregatnoy.

In the case of aggregate, the amount of insurance decreases the size of the payments are made (eg, vehicle is insured for 25,000 ye. Damages in case of an accident on the road is 4,500 dollars. The sum insured has been replaced and was now 21 to $ 500 in other words, as a result of theft or loss of the final you will get no more than 21 500 $). When neagregatnom insurance will not happen and then the sum of insurance does not change regardless of the payment. The sum insured for hull determined by monetary policy (euros, rubles, U.S. dollars). With comprehensive insurance deductible is possible. Deductible – the amount in which the insurer does not cover the damage, in other words, in the end insurance with a deductible insurance compensation Payable not counting the deductible on any event insurance. Application of a franchise can reduce the scale of the insurance premium. We know about all the dangers of auto insurance. Use our expertise in their interests!