Contrary to current developments of the labour market for teachers is quite positive. Many teachers will go in the next few years in retirement, so there will be more vacancies. In Germany, there is an acute shortage of young teachers. “As the newspaper world” reported in its Internet Edition, the teacher assume the Federal Republic despite some reforms. According to current calculations, about half of the teachers goes in only six years in retirement. Natural sciences and languages are particularly affected by the shortage of teachers. Therefore looking in countries desperately for new teachers. Especially in the so-called MINT subjects (mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology) there is still a huge shortage of teachers, not only the German scholar Association has repeatedly pointed out.

But also for the subjects of Latin, English, and music educators are lacking. In this situation, many of the reform could change so far nothing. More and more teacher vacancies are awarded for this reason online such as the job market Five years ago, the Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) of the countries had expected high, that by 2015 about half today nationwide employed 789.000 teacher should go into the retirement. However, had the provinces set over 16,000 fewer new teachers until end of 2006, as expected by the KMK.

To keep the current structures, you needed about 30,000 new teachers per year”estimated Professor Klaus KLEMM. He admits but enough only if spread on the right subjects”. KLEMM is an expert on educational research and planning and an its own working group on this topic at the University of Duisburg-Essen headed until his retirement in the summer of 2007. The current lack of teachers in science and some linguistic subjects worries makes him special. Just graduates in chemistry, physics or computer science faced with competitive labour markets real alternatives”, he is called as a reason for the current situation. Providing the free economy usually more lucrative and it pays better.” Disadvantages have especially professional, real – and schools, fighting with the schools to personnel in this situation. Also, the scientists observed another phenomenon in recent years: the Renaissance of the partition of Latin. So many schools is difficult today, with qualified people to fill the Professional Latin”, Klemm. Latin has again evolved to a veritable fashion trade lately. Because this so could be seen before, there is no teachers for Latin.