In the last weeks, the electoral campaign for the presidency of the Republic reached alarming levels of aggressiveness. Since the retaken one of the direct elections to the maximum position of the Nation, in 1989, a so virulent dispute and with as many dirty blows was not seen. Such fact must be credited, without a doubt, to the absence of one second way in the governabilidade programs. The situation politics, of instability or institucional stability of a country, is directly on to the management of its economy. As, between the specialists, the consensus exists of that the current Brazilian economic conjuncture if finds in a favorable route, confirmed for the rise of the level of income of good part of the population, of the increase of the foreign investment and the control of the inflation, is neutralized any form of opposition to the current economic model, inspired in the molds of the leftist social democracy of the Europe Occidental person. None of the two hegemonic parties if considers the aboliz it or to remodel it.

To revs: they argue who, in each one of its eight years of government, had the priority of better managing the current routes macroeconomic. Parallel and consequently, the debate if is even underneath, in a typical dispute in the search of the power for the power, when both dispute who have the methods less suspicious of captation of estupidifica support politician and if when giving relevance the questions of private court. In the first case, the two true campaigns had mounted ' ' central offices of inteligncia' ' that they attempt against against the Constitution of the Republic and the jurisprudence for consecrated it when displaying, in national net, presumptions shunting lines committed for the adversary when part of the governing group. Always without tests, from there the successive concession of rights of reply in the electoral schedule.