With compost, soil structure is improved, it says one of the most productive measures to improve soil fertility in the garden plants that is application of compost. Before the compost can be used, he should be sifted but to him coarse, to liberate not yet completely decomposed components. Sense of the compost Siebens by the compost will be screened, it separates the fine crumbly humus of coarse components such as not yet rotten branches, plant stems, hazelnuts, etc. The finer the humus, the better can caused by nutrients from the soil organisms, which in turn provide the plants as food. Who, however, scatters fresh compost on the beds, must be aware that not all plants to cope.

Some are sensitive to the half rotted compost material. Other plants which have no problems. Compost must not always be screened. If the compost is already largely mature, and the larger parts of the remaining stock in the earth not for aesthetic reasons rejected, can he applied without prior screening on the beds are. Compost seven made easy at first want to should you decide to use which kind of compost sieve.

The seven with an electronic compost sieve is especially comfortable. At the same time, this is a fairly expensive fun, suited especially for gardeners who want to avoid the physical exertion of the compost siebens health reasons. Most will be zuruckggegriffen on a simple impact printing. This will be diagonally vertical next to the compost on a great film. With a big shovel, the compost is thrown through a sieve. Large parts fall off it, the fine compost, however, falls through, and can be removed with a wheelbarrow. Up a little to make the work easier, it is also possible to place the impact printing directly onto a wheelbarrow. From above the Earth with a shovel put thrown, larger components however accumulate on the screen and need to be scraped off with a shovel. Of course You can even tinker is such an impact printing. Cobble together a simple wooden frame and attach a wire mesh top on the frame. The stitches should be how much, depends on the degree of fineness in the composter you want to reach. Commercially available wire is usually appropriate. Michael Olberg