If you don’t know how to evaluate the quality of an opportunity you may be losing time in leaflets or business opportunities that are not profitable or don’t have a future. Another friend He said, is better bad news early that a terrible piece of news at the end. This is called opportunity assessment and qualification process. Many sellers wasted efforts and resources in opportunities that are not worth. When there is a shortage of fish, then, they shoot you for what to move and we all know that this is a great waste. Define the parameters that will be used to identify if a business opportunity meets the characteristics to be able to convert into a real business. Remember that there are investment opportunities, i.e.

those which may be that they do not give in the short or medium term, but that with more time can be an excellent business. Surely those opportunities worth investing them. You must be clear about its strategy and method to assess and qualify their leads and classify them according to different factors that only you or your company can define. As a third phase, my recommendation is to take every one of those opportunities that passed the test and if it is worthwhile investing them and assess them in detail, i.e., make a detailed for each of these opportunities qualification. There are many methods and practices, which depend on each type of business. Basically the result should be a classification of their opportunities, for example, matures (those that apply well to their assessment criteria and in addition you can close in the time frame to meet your goals), Pintonas (those who are shaping up very well, but lack them even time and work so that they reach their point of ripening and green (have a still long but worth putting them in the process of maturation).) It is only an analogy, the idea is that you apply a clear qualification and classification, process to be able to focus its efforts on those more mature opportunities, not to mention the others, since they are the raw material for future sales.