Passing the microphone on the relay, guests are encouraged to give instructions to the organizers and athletes, sending heartfelt greetings. Representatives of the Department of Social Mozyr-Turovsky diocese celebrated Head of the Belarusian handed office TZMO Jan Lemesh (and through him, and all participants of the tournament) the icon of the Mother of God (Yurovichskaya-Merciful), which passed with the blessing of the Bishop of Turov and Mozyr Stephen. This event was not only symbolic but also very helpful gesture on the part of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, as Judging by results, the event was excellent on all criteria. A wonderful weather, good mood and friendly sympathy of participants did not leave until the last moment of touching parting. In the meantime, the scene erupted most anticipated event: the presentation of gifts from the General Sponsor, culminating in a gala opening the envelope with the results of the draw.

It was not only well thought out and organized, and served very artistically, and nice girls, gifts podnosyaschie athletes enjoyed in the past increased interest. Speaking of gifts. Neither party has not remained without attention. Apparently guided by professional motto "with us you will be dry," the company presented the athletes TZMO large corporate umbrellas, and packages with a set of useful souvenirs with the logo Seni, and each team in addition to the white ball and a set of markers for autographs. In the package showed up for a set of bath, kitchen appliances, branded porcelain mug, a pair of cute pens, pencils, notepad and a nice daddy.