The car insurers have introduced customer rebates, but customers certainly don’t receive any. Therefore, motorists should check their car insurance if all the discounts that are possible are taken into account in the insurance policy. Car park insurance discount rebates for people their car in the garage is: offer a garage in the car insurance usually always a discount, and then the car should be in the garage at night. are discounts for new cars: a new car is purchased it for many car insurance discounts to a so-called guarantee. Discount for low mileage: a discount for low mileage is in the car insurance for the price also important. The insurers offer different because of kilometers limits that one should also ask. It begins often at 5000 km annual mileage and increases over 9000 and 10,000 km to 20,000 KM or more. This discount is really hard to judge, since I at the beginning of the year only can estimate how much I’ll go this year.

Something extraordinary happened, such as another Access to work, it can be much more kilometers of the year. If insurance is changed at the end of the year again, then, the new chassis will be specified. Discount for families to have children: Are children in the car is driven normally cautious and it happens a lot less accidents, so families with children also receive a discount. Discount for owners of a house: there are also discounts for homeowners with as many companies that discount given only if the homeowners insurance was also completed with them or will. Discount bond with workshop: Some companies are now offering rates well with workshop bond. The insurance companies have signed framework agreements with certain workshops, with the price advantage will be partially passed on to the customers with the discount. To get the discounts is not necessarily the car insurance be changed, but should be at their own Insurance are in demand. For safety, a comparison to be expected on the Internet.