Currently, metal furniture is enough demand. Therefore, the scope of its use is wide: it may be a private home, office, warehouse or any other room. Let us dwell on the equipment for stock, namely, metal tables and lifting platforms. Lifting equipment tables can be used for open space, indoor storage, if not partially or fully automated to make unloading and loading operations with the help of workers. The main goals in using these tables have a desire to optimize the storage of various goods and realize the job of production. Payload and the type of table, the size of the platform often given conditions. It is often used and devices that are required in the implementation of work overload. The platform lift table is covered with corrugated (convex) sheet.

Rarely has it mounted on the roller, making coherent sequence of actions, in particular the treatment of various goods on pallets. Currently, much experience of mobile lift tables on stocks in different industries. Very often they are used in an explosive environment, in buildings with low or high temperatures, the processing of goods, etc. The main advantages of tables with the lifting mechanism should include compactness, low weight and portability. These tables have a smooth ride, quiet, maneuverable. The most economical in production, having a large capacity and high performance on scissor lift height lift tables are used. Equipped with a hydraulic drive, these devices are convenient and durable in use. Scissor lift tables are single and double.

Double tables provide raising a small platform at a decent height. Sell lift tables in Moscow today is a big need. When manufactured lift tables manufacturer tries to improve usability. Usually, the scissor lift table is equipped with rollers that allow you to avoid failures and increase reliability. In the end, it's worth noting that the scissor lift table – an indispensable equipment for warehouses, has little weight, compactness and portability.