Creating Your Business pyramidal gave major blow in 1919 when he realized that the Italian immigrants coupons sent by letter to their families, extremely poor because of war, so that could be exchanged for money and respond cards, was a fabulous business. He consulted friends and acquaintances and got the company Securities Exchange Company. Started handing out coupons promising a profit of 50 in 45 days or 100 past three months. Soon he became a wealthy person, and both political and media presented it as an exemplary employer. Everything worked just fine during the first months, the money reached baskets and interest are paid religiously. Widows mortgaged their houses and the people gathered their savings to invest in the business of Ponzi. Little problem arose some legal, but was resolved by paying generous sums of money.The confidence crisis began when the financial analyst Clarence Barron, commissioned by the Boston Post, published a report which stated that despite the extraordinary interest that is paid, Carlo Ponzi reinvested not a penny of their huge profits the company. It was estimated that to meet the obligations it took 160 million coupons in circulation, when in fact only had 27,000. From here, events were precipitated A crowd of angry investors were submitted to the office and sue after he was admitted again in prison. On 1 November 1920, Charles Ponzi was convicted of fraud and sentenced to five years in prison. He left three years later and sentenced to nine more.