At the moment, the offered products under denomination GO! Forklifts concentrates in the machinery of maintenance (fork-lift trucks), and under the commercial denomination Let s GO! we offer the consulting services and advising for companies of the logistic sector, as well as we advised in subjects of Import-Export, from or towards countries of Asia and Latin America. 5. You are an industralist who is part of the movement: " " No, to the Crisis. Yes, to the Opportunities. How began your integration to this crossed anticrisis? My modest participation in the work of Peace Cartagena began through its invitation after several crossings of e-mails and messages between both. I had the great luck to meet it through a group the network Facebook dedicated to Industralists and Entrepreneurs, hope that in the future not very distant it can have the opportunity to know it personally and to be able to be thankful for the great opportunity to him that offered me, as well as its priceless collaboration at any moment, as well as to continue offering my collaboration him in new projects. 6. Like industralist, what is most difficult that it has been called on to you to face (problems) with respect to this present financial fiasco? Luckily, and due to having a reduced structure, unique problem that I must face at the moment, I put in quotation marks and it because more than problem it is a fleeting circumstance, is the difficulty of many of our clients to accede to external financing, reason by which many operations of sale of new machinery, for purchase or Renting (financial rent) are in state of stand-by and its conclusion is due to expand in the time, in spite of it, in many cases we are in situation to be able to offer to our clients nearly new machinery with the same characteristics that the new machines, but with much more advantageous prices, that way, with a substantially smaller investment not they see in the obligation of annulling his plans of investment in maintenance machinery.