The professionals over the shoulder look In the wake of the economic crisis the share prices fell. Many investors play with the idea right now to invest in order to benefit from rising prices. For orientation, the financial and Exchange Portal holds a cash Depot competition. Stock market experts of relevant publications go at the start. “” So speculate until December 31, 2009″Wolfgang Wagner of the Exchange service, Robert Burschik of the equity investor” and Sven Heckle from Hot Stocks Europe “about the developments in the stock market. They are not participants in a fictitious plan game. The real money deposits start amounting to 10,000 are actually in the books of the online broker E-trade Germany.

According to the transactions are executed real on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt on the main and Xetra. The buying and selling of shares is permitted and exchange traded funds (ETF). It offers the unique opportunity to see the pros at work over the shoulder for investors. When the stock market champions Interested not only insight into the depots of the competition ends. In addition, they benefit from current comments and free investment tips from the independent experts.

Exchanges newcomers as well as interested experts watch daily the practicality of the tips. The speculators are exposed a public pressure, which will further increase the voltage. But no matter, who achieved the best performance. Observers of the transparent competition will take home profit sizes.