The regional marketing of Germany’s most geklicktestem drink portal now launching Dillenburg, 18.02.2011 with promotions and advertising campaigns in regions already enabled, wants to cause now the beverage shopping by clicking the nationally successful beverage dealer Portal online consumers. The already active beverage dealers receive supporting sales funding from mid March 2011 to be equipped so in time for the beginning of the season. From March 2011, in time to the beginning of the season, the consumer at the heart of our first marketing stage is also”Frank Hohmeyer, Managing Director. The regional marketing is now finally can begin with our partners and therefore enters his first official round”. As pioneers in this segment, the platform is very innovative, competent and customer-oriented set up, like targeted surveys and statements of the last months have shown. Colleagues in the industry, such as Mr Detlev Fiedler, GF bit Koln GmbH says: I am convinced that consumers appreciate the benefits of online ordering for beverages.

The online market for drinks and food is growing fast. The participating partners are sure that the future online beverage trade lies in this portal solution. Because competently combines theory and practice and offers all beverage-specific controls of a modern online shops. User-friendly processes make it possible home to click selected drinks it online customers in a matter of minutes. How can you do otherwise even easier its beverage purchase? Reasons such as environmental protection, saved time and cost-benefit thinking make for a good decision of the customer now but just time very easy to click”instead of dragging. Marc inden