So the day came when you decided to start their own business. It does not matter what you decide to do, whether it be a home project, company, store or internet business. What matters is what you start with, and what you already have a business – an idea! Powerful foundation for the success of your business will be a quality business plan. Business Plan – a document that describes all major aspects of your business, including risks, issues, and two scenarios events: positive and negative. For each of them separately calculated the costs and profits.

In preparing these projections should take into account force majeure, the possibility of increasing the cost of consumption of services and staff salaries. Currently, there are many firms that make business plans, but is highly desirable to your direct participation in this process. There are two types Business plans: internal and external. In the first case, the entrepreneur convinces himself and his employees that he conceived the idea of standing. In the second – he convinces us that investors and lenders. It is not necessary to plan ultrahigh income, the minimum cost and build the illusion of impeccable your case, since it can mislead you and cause stand losses. Note that without a business plan to obtain seed capital for your business will not be possible in any bank, not a single investor.

However, in developing an internal business plan may be that you do not need capital from outside. Typically, the business plans developed for 1-3 years or 5 years. In this detail figures ranging from one month to the beginning of the project before the year end. These numbers are the same for all, and are used for conducting business on the Internet, and for large-scale production. Developing a business plan and the search for successful commercial and industrial ideas may take a long time. On our web site you will find creative ideas for small and medium-sized businesses, business plans ready for the family business, e-commerce and many others. So, let's summarize. Goal of creating a business plan: – identifying strengths and weaknesses of your business idea, the calculation of costs and revenues. It helps you see and in time to solve problems – your business idea to investors. Without a proper business plan, you can not get their support. The objectives of the business plan: – analysis of the prospects of a market – the calculation of the profitability of your business – definition is constantly adjustable parameters – identification of "gotchas." Start a business without a business plan – no matter what to teach math, not knowing the multiplication table! Good luck!