Perhaps the title of this post may seem a little extreme, but sure to steal a smile. Well, this time go a little away because I had a bit of work, many good and bad things in my life. Case to categorize this. Job: Hopefully this year will be displayed very good start on the right foot and so I want to stay, I’m working on something I like, server management both GNU / Linux (RedHat Enterprise, Ubuntu, etc) and M Windows . School: I’m ashamed to admit it, but the results we are as expected, going backward in the thesis “Design and implementation of a technique for real-time intrusion prevention systems.I have a small implementation with Snort that I even amend some articles I’ve read, but not enough. Projects: Puppet: Code of the prototype published in google, as soon share the url.Remote Desktop Control. Futura Medical: OpenLaszlo Development control patients and medical dictionary. Natural products: Development in OpenLaszlo multilevel product for sale. Implementation of MediaWiki and the problems that arose, I hope to say something in future post. One more thing I want to share is that I have been exercising, I’ve got like two months working with arms and abdomen, however, this is not what I want, I’m looking for health, so I like to go for a run I hope one day start and not leave it there.