In Hispanic world, the Virtual Attendance is a very new concept. Therefore, we begin to define that he is exactly a Virtual Assistant. In a traditional office, he would be an Assistant or Executive Secretary. But in the virtual community, those services offer a Virtual Assistant them (IT GOES). The VAs uses their own equipment, works freelance and invoices honoraria by the used real time for the different tasks carried out.

According to the Association the International of Asistentes Virtuales (IVAA) one GOES is an independent professional who offers administrative, creative and/or technical services. Using mass media of technology outpost, one GOES professional attends clients in its area of expertise from its own office, framing the services in a contractual agreement. The services that offer the Assistants Virtuales or VAs vary from a person to another one, on the basis of the technical experience and knowledge of each. Some VAs only carries out basic administrative tasks; many others in addition offer specialized services. Between the benefits that it obtains contracting a Virtual Assistant (IT GOES) we can mention the following: it maximizes the relation cost-I benefit solely paying by the services that the used real time in the project needs and, saves money in labor expenses, equipment and space of offices, reduces or eliminates the responsibility to have effective personnel, increases its efficiency and productivity, maintains stops quality levels – still during periods of much work and recovers the hours that are dedicating to administrative works to spend more time to construct their business to him. He is innovating. It uses the new resources that it has to disposition to take to its emprendimiento or business at the next level.

Victory Thousands, Virtual Assistant certified and to title of Virtual Assistance Argentina, offer services of virtual attendance to entrepreneurs, independent professionals and SMEs. For more information it visits. vaargentina. com or the Blog de Virtual Asistencia in Argentina.