On April 10 the new Ecstasy main catalogue with many frozen Mettmann occurs March 23, 2012 – Iceman customers can enjoy. On 10 April, the new main catalogue of frozen food specialist appears eismann with over 700 products, of which numerous new products and over 200 exclusive goods. Thus, Iceman offers the largest selection of frozen products on the German market with his catalog. The reference guide, which is packed with exclusive and new includes exactly 733 article. There are also 103 new products in the range. In addition to the well-known classics, Iceman offers many unusual ice cream flavors, delicious dishes and new cake creations straight from the freezer. About 350 products receive the customers directly from their ecstasy, because these articles always have the self-employed trade representatives on their truck. Further 360 products can pre-order customers at the ice-cream man or in the ice-cream man online store. There is more information about the entire range of Ecstasy in the online-shop at. Interested parties can also the new Order catalog. About eismann: The Mettmann-based home service for frozen food specialties serves customers in all Germany since 1974. Now about 2 million households are supplied from over 220 sales stations in nine European countries. Eismann about 1300 independent sales representatives and more than 800 employees serve over 4500 employees and partners in Europe, in Germany. Iceman offers pleasure without compromising, easy and comfortable home in a quality that is reliable.