For the Venezuelan case, it reminds us of Andressen, in 1977, was created the Ministry of the environment and of renewable natural resources (MARN), entity that assumes much of the powers of the dissolved Ministry of public works and other agencies as the Ministry of agriculture and livestock. With the creation of the MARNR, both the planning phase of the exploitation of water resources as the aspects related to the protection and conservation, are under the responsibility of a single ministerial entity.The natural availability of water in Venezuela is constituted by the balance between the inputs, represented by precipitation and the side input from Colombia, and outputs represented by losses by evaporation, evapotranspiration and transboundary flows to Guyana and Brazil. Known shows us which source is indicated, that in Venezuela there are two large hydrological aspects: the Atlantic Ocean, covering 82% of the national territory and the Caribbean Sea, which includes the rivers that drain directly into the sea or indirectly through Lake Maracaibo basin. These sheds are delimited by the mountainous arc of the cordillera de Merida, the coast and cordillera Oriental mountain range is added to that concerning groundwater, identifying the country: (a) aquifer of great potential as the Mesa de Guanipa (Anzoategui State), South of Monagas, the River Guarico, Barinas and Apure Llanos Plains system; (b) aquifers with potential medium in Windward and Caracas Valley; and (c) aquifer in the process of depletion in the valle de Quibor (Lara) and choir (Falcon State). Be present, the fact that in Venezuela, around 70% of the electricity is generated in power plants. Seventy-five percent of hydropower comes from systems installed in the basins of the River Caroni and Caura, 17% is done through the systems installed in the Andes and 8% in the region of the Sierra de Perija… According to the drought problems facing it and others more it is being reflected the flows of the basins in which are installed These hydroelectric systems, generating another serious problems facing the country, with regard to electricity.