Madrid, 11 of January of 2010 DocPath, company of capital one hundred Spanish percent leader in the manufacture of documentary software, has signed an agreement of collaboration with Datinet, that comes to reinforce the channel program that the supplier of documentary technology the past started up month of April. By virtue of this alliance, Datinet will be in charge of the promotion, distribution and implantation of version 4.1 like partner certificate of the DocPath solutions. On the other hand, the specialist in documentary software will offer to Datinet an exhaustive support in all the commercial activities and of maintenance that this realises. Javier Medina, commercial director of DocPath, has affirmed: This agreement supposes a great opportunity so that both companies reinforce their leadership in the market of documentary software, especially with regard to the area of medians and great companies, and continues: Thanks to Datinet we will be able to increase our presence in north of Spain and to offer a better service of support to the clients who we have in that zone. On the other hand, Naiara Esteban, person in charge of the area of Documentary Management in Datinet Computer science Solutions, have assured: Buscamos technological partners with whom to help our clients to reduce management costs and to increase the efficiency of its administrative processes. We agree with DocPath in corporative culture and the approach of commitment with the quality on watch. These factors, together with the component of technological innovation, will help us to increase our number of business.

A channel program that consolidates In spite of counting, from its creation, with technological partners in different geographic zones, DocPath month of April the past started up its channel program. Since then the authorized number of partners certificates and, has undergone a remarkable growth. As much it is thus, that at the moment, 70% of the sales that are realised they are of indirect character.