Ready mixed ingredients come from the bottle bread out of the bottle with this idea goes new ways the Hovels House brewery. Now bread and beer lovers can buy exclusive this extraordinary cake mix in the Hovels House brewery. A very fine flavor gets this bread by adding Hovels original. All the ingredients for two crispy baguettes or 30 party sandwiches are weighed in a decorative glass bottle. Admit only water or Hovels original as a liquid and is ready for the dough. After a quarter of an hour the special bottle content has transformed in the oven in a culinary delicacy. Of course the bread tastes best, if one replaces the water with Hovels beer,”plant manager Axel Stockmann is recommended.

He gave the impetus to the Hovels bread. The further development of the optimal recipe he put professionals from Dortmund in the hands: public mountain employees worked in the vote of the ingredients. The innovative company has teamed up with Mozzer’s finest on the creation of special specialized culinary ideas and handmade deli. The Hovels House Brewery has put the deli experts faced a new challenge. After half a year the Hovels, bread was born in two delicious flavors.

The Home Baker”can choose between a mixture of rye flour with paprika, or one made of wheat flour with onions. Delicious herbs round off the taste. 17.90 Euro bread and Hovels lovers for the bottle the ingredients in a decorative gift box. Hovels House brewery brewing are according to tradition at the House brewery Hovels no empty words. Since 1984, Hovels original is brewed again according to the traditional recipe and the mash process developed in 1893 in the reopened Hovels House brewery. There, you can live the elaborate brewing process today at a Brewery tour or a beer seminar. Contact: Hovels House brewery, high wall 5-7, 44137 Dortmund, Tel.: 0231 / 9145470, and author: Jens Ole Wilberg, PR: Event: Wilberg photo source: p: s: w