I then asked to any teacher, any parent, or some guy by the mystery of the elephant. One of them explained to me that the elephant is not escaped because he was trained. I then asked the obvious question:-If you are trained, are why it strung? Not remember having received any coherent response. Over time I forgot to the mystery of the elephant and stake and only remembered it when I was with others who also had the same question. A few years ago I discovered that fortunately for me someone had been wise enough to find the answer: the circus elephant escapes not because it has been tied to a stake similar from a very, very small. I closed my eyes and I imagined the small newly born subject to the stake. I’m sure that at that time the elephant pushed, pulled, sweat, trying to release it. And despite all his efforts, he could not.

The stake was certainly very strong for him. I swear that you slept out of stock, and the next day he returned to testing, and also to the other and which continued until one day, a terrible day for its history, animal accepted his impotence and resigned to his fate. This huge and powerful, elephant that we see in the circus, is no exception because create – poor – NO you can. He has record and reminder of his powerlessness, of that powerlessness felt shortly after birth. And the worst thing is that it has never become to seriously question that record.

Never ever attempted to put to test its strength once again dare to fly and when it became big, his father told him:-my son, not everyone is born with wings. And while it is true that you have no obligation to fly, I think it would be embarrassing that you limitaras a walk taking the wings the good God has given you.- but I don’t know flying answered the son.-see the father said.Took him by the hand and walking son led him to the edge of the abyss in the mountain-you see, this is the vacuum. When you want to you can fly.