It is adjusted to emphasize that this has its good control system on our confidential data by using the new privacy policies which boasts Facebook where limited part of the information that makes up a long ago could be accessed from any application, which was condemned by many users. This changed for the better since the early days of this month of July and currently only some preferences of our profile can be used for promotional purposes as is the case with this application from in the ability to then, we will find in the Amazon page suggestions on all items to the transfer of the site, including course books, DVDs, watches and notebooks, in the end what we can imagine and that this store has in their stocks. We can see these suggestions by clicking on the outbreak of Connect which is situated on the page where we are browsing and using the information we have on our Facebook profile, it will bring us some ideas that have to do with what you have entered him and will additionally show similar popular items around the core of this social media users. This is constantly fed the renovation of data of the profiles, for example, if you like a writer of good books, you will see what noted people who have tastes in common with you additionally links to be able to buy them in the apparent shop. A final recommendation? It is ideal for applying to the index that gives us our friends birthdays. On this, we can assimilate about their tastes and using this interesting useful will have first-hand information to choose their gifts since I frieze in the desires that they enter in their profiles, another very good idea by the way that elbow was developed to elbow with Hallmark Social Calendar. Already more ahead will tell them a little about this interesting application inside of social media.