However, speaking for phone with Paco, among other things, went you to seek tranquility in this matter. But it looks that another bank whose President didn’t know Pedro: identified the project I needed and wanted to the customer through the appropriate decision-making influences. Within a month I called Paco informing me that the Director of the main office had learned that they were already working with another bank and that even this Bank had bought a package of shares in the company. What a pity! That operation was very profitable for the Bank that made it and we had also interested us. How we treat those who do not interveniamos and operation negotiated it to those who were.

When Peter returned from Brazil, we returned to eat together. The first thing he told me is that he regretted it and I told him that also. We both feel responsible for the error of not having paid attention to the real decision-making influences. But we learned a lot! Later our organizations did good operations. But each of us only intervened as an ally. Later we will discuss the importance of function ally. What would happen if the best athletes and sports teams will not play? They would get bad results, would not improve their marks.

They would not win games or races and fewer Championships. And what can happen if sellers are trained as do the elite athlete? That they would get good results, and what is still more important, predictable and sustainable. Miller and Heiman in the last decades of the 20th century developed a sales system called Strategic Selling – tested and developed with great success by the best American companies such as Dow Chemical Co, General Electric Co, Hewlett-Packard Co, ITT, Johnson & Johnson, Reynols Metals Co. It was already real coaching, one of the earliest references of training I propose throughout this series of articles for Articuoz.