Free Practices

To answer the question posed in the title of the article we consider what the difference between free promotion techniques and promotion with the help of funds. In optimizing the internal structure of the site webmasters try not to invest funds, and optimize websites and blogs on their own makes it possible for this method are both discussed here in equal positions. External promotion of sites or blogs is reduced to the extraction of backlinks. It is here that have already become visible in the main distinguishing features of the methods of the external promotion of blogs. Promotion of a website using free methods of promotion, backing vocals on the site are obtained manually with the aid of exchange guards to blogs with similar subjects, getting backlinks from forums profile with good puzomerkami by leaving comments on dufolou sites and so on … At promotion of investment finance backlinks just purchased in the different exchanges of links in the right quantity.

Of course when promoting websites with absolutely no investments have been working hard to achieve the cherished goals in the promotion of your blog or site, and sometimes a slight infusion Finance provides a faster solution to the problem of getting backlinks. In both methods, there are pitfalls – backlinks vesh shaky, today it is tomorrow can not be obtained without investment, or buying, can never be sure how long she will stay in the index of search engines. Links are unstable, the donor site can get under the filters in the bank, the link may drop out of the index. Note: if the post argues that the promotion website or blog free is impossible – it is usually below offer services on the promotion and promoting your site. It follows that the promotion of blogs or sites with no attachment leads to the same effect as paid, with only a little greater expenditure of time and effort. Unwinding blog for free as a reward for the effort will gain knowledge and experience in the future again and again are very useful.