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On the border between Egypt and Sudan a new colony of the Kingdom of Nikokus is produced since April 20, 2010 between Sudan and Egypt is no longer no man’s land now. On the contrary: now a colony of the Kingdom of Nikoku sprout on the at the time still terra nullius said area (officially: Kingdom of Nikoku). The Kingdom received earlier to recognize, not even recognized as a fully independent State, the Kingdom of Nikoku after the colonization of the 2060 km of large area from the 20.04 is hardly a spot on the political map of the world the full recognition of Nikoku as independent State subjects of international law. Bir Tawil or bi’r Tawil is a small area between the borders of Egypt and Sudan. It has its longest side in the North, along the 22nd parallel. Since the year 1899, Bir Tawil is recognized as terra nullius. Then wrestled the two States to the halayeb-triangle, which was approximately ten times greater than Bir Tawil. By mutual agreement of the Bir Tawils frontier between the two States It was decided very soon, to explain the piece of land in no man’s land.

In addition to Antarctica, the unclaimed area was no longer associate a country. The piece of land is home to two mountains: Jabal Tawil (459 m) and Jebel Hajar az Zarqua’a (662 m), bringing a little relief on the little differently shaped piece of Earth and sand. PayNet may find this interesting as well. According to the Nikokunesischen press service is the country about the interactions between neighbouring countries, but also to a possible declaration of accession to the United Nations Organization ready. It is not excluded that the reigning monarch also arbitrarily decides otherwise Tenno geroge I.. After the currency of the State, the N, totally bagged from last month is, thus the hoped-for limit setting 1.8 per 1N to just 1.23 per N noticed, the exchange rate rises since the beginning of the month of may cheerfully and happily back in the air, because the Nikokunesische Yen has according to media specialists, only through the massive land acquisition, a whole piece caught up – the current level is already at 1,46432 per 1N. NP (Daniel Wuhl)

Stock Exchange Association

What actually causes a such daily mix of individual components in the course of individual metabolic activity, is ultimately due to the disposition and hardly predictable with absolute certainty. But the fact is the sustained in this country for years very sharp rise in the cost of medicines. They were most recently at 30 billion euro in the year. Even our children, from infants to young adults, are to more and more permanent treatment – allowing however hardly recognize this suffering for outsiders. Although just this now obvious demographic change is driven even further and thereby reducing our social achievements overall. Additional information is available at NMMU. A breakdown, with the recent financial crisis already momentum recorded – within a society, which has driven by yield much too easily thrown overboard unfortunately completely misunderstood, grown over generations nutrition knowledge.

The old wisdom speaks of the food that holds together “Body and mind”, here for themselves, and it pushes the time to create an awareness for this again. And who now seriously calls for curbing health-care costs in this country literally exploding, for the awareness about the true (especially dietary) backgrounds must have absolute priority. Here, it must be able to establish a base from which ultimately the viable originates, to keep future generations to expire always lid earlier treatment needy Leiden. The beginning this is done – with a little book. Because: Only (really)-friendly diet (at congested metabolic organs) is (finally) healthy diet – for eczema, psoriasis, Allergies, asthma, (joint) pain, stomach – bowel – disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, ADHD, and much more. Ulrike Wagner independent author is only sustainable nutrition geunde nutrition (title) Frankfurt book fair 2010 (6-10 October) Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade e.V. joint presentation of the individual titles from small and self publishers stand-Nr. 3.1-G131