CHALLENGES and achievements of LOS indigenous in the early colony reduction of LOS LUCANA-ANDAMARCAS of the basin of QARACHA 1570-1587 David Quichua Chaico introduction back to 1570 colonial historiography, consider the times of Supreme organization, where the natives took drastic Ordinances such as the mita and uprooting to tributaries of their ancestral villages under mediated violent in an efficient work ordenancista (VALCRCEL. 1951 LEVILLIER 1929) which led to the domain and definitive control of expired stocks. While at Toledo post Governments, precisely to the of Francisco Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza (1589 – 1586) is known as the viceroy who came to definitively consolidate the administrative structure designed by Toledo. In general, its administrative action is characterized by a commendable honesty, who deserved the recognition of courtly authorities (HAMP: 2005). Undoubtedly, different considerations are accurate for this period. Proposal that considered an absolute command of the colonial administration, very successful in their Ordinances and performances, showing to the submissive losers, they simply assume their status as dominated, under a drastic colonial administration of this period.

This way of understanding the story, to the vanquished as too defeated comes being refuted, perhaps mainly with Steve Ster (1986) research, started thinking that the populations in the process of the early colony, in the establishment of different Ordinances not all assumed as the mandates emanated, rather has to understand the ability to adapt to the new Ordinances, negotiating, resisting and accommodating many ordinances to their common interests. It would therefore be wrong to continue considering that indigenous populations were completely controlled and placed to the colonial administration without any response to it. New sources that I have been checking leads me more to refute the story of losers and victims which is to considered populations for colonial. Since then I will limit myself in this work studying the actions of an indigenous population, which faces, negotiates and defies the colonial Ordinances.